Thursday, 24 April 2008

One week to go...

Everyone's prepared (well save for the last minute things to sort), and over the next few days participants from all over will be heading for the Netherlands to start Ridin' for MND.

Heaps of news on our website - and we're updating that rather than the blog - so take a look if you want to hear about affiliated events, buy all sorts of goodies at one of our auctions, see how we're doing on the fundraising front or just generally find out what we're on about.

See you there!


eMMa said...

Hi there
A gentleman came into the pharmacy I work in last week and said he was going over there to ride in your ride. His son had been diagnosed with MND. My neighbour passed away from MND at Easter. The gentleman suggested coming to this site. So here I am!

All the best for the ride.

Esther Fifield said...

Dear Duncan, Natalie and 'the gang'!

I wanted to personally wish you all the very best for your cycle and may you not be (too) saddle sore on Sunday!

Best wishes
(From the MND Association)

Paola said...

Dearest Duncan and all,

The start of the ride, Saturday last, was awesome! Like your dear Dad said: so much energy! I trust everything went well and everyone managed to finish the ride.
I felt proud to be there (and sorry not able to join) and wish you lots of fun, with your Dad, in England. Take care and tot ziens!
Love, Paola